readwriterock (readwriterock) wrote,

Inspiration, you're a slippery little sucker...

So I have this dim memory today of waking up in the wee hours of the morning from a dream about Hamlet and vampires. "That was awesome!" my foggy brain thought. "Don't forget that - it would make a bad-ass YA book!" And then I immediately went back to sleep.

Now that I am fully awake, I have no idea what made it so awesome. I am left with vague impressions of pale, beautiful people in period clothes speaking in a pseudo-Elizabethan kind of way, and doesn't that describe a lot of vampire books already out there?


I need to be one of those people who has a handy, dandy little notebook to write sudden bits of inspiration down in. Because I find myself spotting inspiration all over the place. Like the other day, there was this SUV in front of me at a red light that had all these Jesus fish on the back - two big Jesus fish, with three little Jesus fish swimming along behind, which indicated to me that they were supposed to be a little family of Jesus fish. But there was an outline of a fourth small Jesus fish that wasn't there anymore, and that got me wondering. What happened to that fish? Did it die? Was there some big fight within the family resulting in the little fish being disowned and his/her decal being pried off the tailgate? Did it just fall off because of exposure and the Mama and Daddy fishes hadn't gotten around to replacing it yet? I became really invested in figuring this out, which I guess is what writers do.

So I guess I really do need to get a notebook. And either get back to writing poetry or start experimenting with short stories, because otherwise, I'll never get around to using a lot of this stuff.
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